Where to buy Avellana Products

We are so very excited to be able to announce the news that all Avellana products are now available to order through the fine folks at Vegan Essentials, one of the most comprehensive online all vegan shops. Now everyone can get every flavor of Avellana Signature Cheese and Avellana Parmesan delivered right to their door!

Click here to find all our signature cheese flavors online at Vegan Essentials!
Italian Herb and Berbere fb
Click here to find our Vegan Parmesan online at Vegan Essentials!
Avellana Hazelnut Parmesan

You can also find our vegan cheeses and other products on the shelves of the following stores:

Sundance Natural Foods– Eugene, Oregon

Capella Market– Eugene, Oregon

The Kiva Grocery– Eugene, Oregon

The Corner Market– Eugene, Oregon

LifeSource Natural Foods – Salem, Oregon

Food Fight!– Portland, Oregon

People’s Food Coop– Portland, Oregon

Vegan Haven– Seattle, Washington

Riverdel– Brooklyn, New York


6 thoughts on “Where to buy Avellana Products

    • The culture that we presently use is grown on soy and so imparts an infinitesimal amount of soy to our cheese. We are in process of shifting to a new culture to eliminate soy altogether, but won’t be there for another few months.

  1. Hi, I was hoping to purchase more vegan cheese from you guys. I,m across the hall at hummingbird at the restaurant. Looking forward to getting some more.

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