Cultured Tofu from scratch

What you need:

  • One C soybeans soaked overnight
  • 3 C water
  • high speed blender
  • Extraction device
  • Fermentation Station
  • Some sort of pressing basket
  1. Follow instructions for making ricotta from scratch.
  2. Take ricotta and place it in some sort of mesh or close knit fabric.



3. You will need some sort of basket for this next part. Plastic is best, because wood will mildew and ruin your final product. You can use one of the little plastic bins that tomatoes or blueberries come in from the grocery store, or you can use a tofu press, or I used a (semi expensive) cheese mold I got in the early days of cheese production  and never used. If you want to get really cheap, you can use a pair of scissors and cut holes in a salsa container too. It all works, you just need to have enough holes for water to escape.


4. Put some kind of weight on top. I like to use mason jars because I love mason jars. Plus, you can add water to them over time to increase your torque.


5. After around 24 hours of pressing, take that tofu out!



6. Boom. Cultured tofu. (this one pictured is a little thin because I started with such a small amount of cultured soy.)