About us

Mission Statement:

Avellana Creamery is a company founded on preserving the health of our planet and the health of those who live here. Our goal is to provide ideas and tools to help people make delicious vegan foods that have it all-compassion, health, environmental awareness and justice for ALL.

The world of food is changing! More and more people are cooking (and eating) without dairy milk and animal products. Every day we see something new on the front of the environment, or equitable ideology, or ethical choices, surrounding the use of animals for food and every day I feel such joy to be alive in the age of compassion and consciousness. People are so awesome!!

We started our journey making hazelnut cheese. While this was a rewarding job, we were dismayed to find that the price point for our cheese was cost prohibitive for many people. That weighed on us quite a lot. We were approached by a distributor who was interested in getting our cheeses into a larger market and we discovered that that price point was going to go up even more, once another middleman was introduced. We were at a turning point. We would either need to go big and expensive, or reconsider our goals and methods. Did we want to produce a cheese that only a small percentage of people could afford? Or was it time to take a different tack and re-examine our mission?

We decided to change tack. We decided that, while we so appreciate (and often purchase) awesome pre-made vegan cheeses, for us, teaching people how to make their own crazy delicious vegan cheese makes more sense. Teaching people allows everyone the opportunity to grow and learn like we did in the process of product development, as well as keeping the cost of the final products lower, reducing packaging, and increasing self-sufficiency.

We will be adding new and super cool products to this page for purchase, as well as adding fun recipes from time to time as well!

If you have any questions or comments, you can reach us at: