Avellana Creamery began in spring of the year 2013. My partner and I adopted a tiny puppy from a local dog rescue program. We fell in love with him immediately. We began watching videos online of animal rescue, which eventually gave way to watching undercover videos of animals on factory farms. She sent me a text one morning from work and told me that she could no longer eat animal products, including dairy because she no longer saw any difference between eating cows or eating our little rescue dog. I’d been a vegan for a few days in college, and I knew the videos she was talking about. Heartbreakingly sad, these stories are easy to push aside. It’s easier not to know.

I realized, again, that I too could no longer look the other way. This was the beginning of one of the biggest and most meaningful shifts that I have ever made: becoming a vegan.

Being an hedonistic food lover, I knew that I could not happily exist without eating fruit and cheese plates with wine or ricotta rich lasagna. After I tried every vegan cheese product available in my town to a sad and unacceptable end, I knew I was going to have to make a creamy product that would fill the gap that dairy had left. I worked on a dairy goat farm for a few years while I was in school. During that time I researched and made a lot of goat-milk cheese using age-old traditional methods. I wanted to see if I could recreate the delicious fresh cheeses I’d made with goat milk, only using nut-based milk instead. I wanted the cheese to be simple, to have just a few local and organic ingredients, and no thickeners. It took months of trial and error, but I was eventually able to unlock the secrets of the best cheese-yielding nut: the hazelnut.

Farming practice (for both dairy and meat products) are not currently sustainable for the environment or for our emotional well being. Many consumers do not take the time to consciously and thoroughly examine what they are paying for, partly because consuming these products is so woven into our cultural ideology that we barely even notice it, much less stop to question it.

Avellana Creamery is a company founded on preserving the health of our planet and the health of those who live here. Our goal is to make delectable vegan cheese products to show consumers that there is a whole world of culinary possibility outside the realm of dairy, to show the world that we can have it all, compassion, health, and delicious artisanal food. Our hope is that the product itself will begin the process of raising questions in the minds of consumers, leading to an examination of whether our habits match up with our beliefs where food is concerned.

Avellana Products

Smoked Paprika: This is one of our bestselling cheeses. If you like mild and smoky umami, this cheese is for you. The Paprika peppers are roasted and smoked, then ground into a rich and deep red powder. This smoky spice blends well with hazelnut and hemp cream, adding another layer of complexity to the already smooth and nutty cheese.

Version 2

Italian Herb: Another best seller, our Italian herb is a piquant, earthy spice blend (organic Basil, organic Oregano, and organic Rosemary) is a perfect partner for our savory cheese, creating a creamy and satisfying herbed experience.



Twelve different spices (Organic Paprika, Sea Salt, Organic Cayenne, Organic Fenugreek, Organic Coriander, Organic Cumin, Organic Black Pepper, Organic Cardamom, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Clove, Organic Ginger, Organic Turmeric) are combined to produce Berbere, a spice blend that has its origins in Ethiopia. This wonderfully bold, spice blend adds a complex and zesty heat to our creamy hemp hazelnut cheese.

Curry: Colorful, fragrant and incredibly rich, this beautiful and creamy cheese invokes the exotic flavors of India. The spice mix contains organic Coriander, organic Turmeric, organic Fenugreek, organic Ginger, organic Mustard Seed, organic Black Pepper and organic Cayenne.


Pesto: Made with organic basil, garlic and lemon pepper. The flavors mix together to create a warm and fragrant cheese that will practically transport you to a European pub in the 1800’s. Avellana Hazelnut Pesto Cheese pairs perfectly with a glass of wine, ale, or strong hot tea.

IMG_4756 (1)

Currant: The currant may be small, but it’s flavor is mighty and it blends with hazelnut hemp cream like a dream. It’s a little bit tart and a little bit sweet and a whole lot divine…try it on crackers or toast with fresh fruit for a truly sublime experience.

Avellana Hazelnut Parmesan

Avellana Hazelnut Parmesan: Handcrafted from organic Oregon hazelnuts, this parmesan alternative has a deliciously addictive nutty, cultured flavor that’s perfect with soups, salads and pasta.

100% Organic Hazelnut Flour

Avellana Organic Hazelnut Flour: Hazelnut flour is low in carbohydrates, high in protein and is a fantastic source of fiber. Sweet with a mildy nutty taste, it’s the perfect addition to pie crusts, cookies, breads and cakes. Simply substitute 1/3 of the called for flour in a recipe with Avellana for delicious and nutritious results.

All of our products are created and packaged in a dedicated gluten free facility.

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  1. Where I can I buy some of your cheese? I have not found a vegan cheese that I really like and am really interested in trying your product.

    • Hi Linda, I’m glad to hear you’re interested in trying our cheeses. The only way to get some right now is through the perks we are offering in our Indiegogo campaign. After the campaign, when we are in a certified kitchen, we will be ready to start producing our cheeses for commercial sale. Here’s the direct link to our campaign: http://igg.me/at/avellana-creamery

  2. Susana,
    I live in South Texas and I am curious, if yall be selling your cheese’s in a on-line store? Seeing as I do not get up your way very often.

  3. I hope you all get the start up money you need, Sorry I could not give more than I did, but I know every little bit helps out in the long run.

  4. I’m very interested in discussing distributing your cheese to a wider customer base. I’ve been looking for an Oregon grown nut cheese for awhile. I found your cheese late this afternoon and am headed back to Seattle tomorrow the 25th. 10 to noonish the 25th I could meet?

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