Cultured Valentine Love


What to give the person who seems to have everything? How about the gift of gastrointestinal health, immunity, relief from inflammation, and possibly even an emotional feeling of happiness and well being?!?


Culturing foods has been happening for thousands and thousands of years. We use culturing to preserve foods naturally, with the benefit of added heath and well being. There are two ways to culture (ferment) foods. 1. wild fermentation and 2. controlled fermentation. When you are using the wild version of fermentation, you are relying on the bacteria that is naturally present in the air and on whatever you are trying to ferment. When you use a controlled ferment, you add a culture that gives the process a head start and helps to regulate the final product.

You can use Avellana vegan cultures to kick start your vegetable and fruit fermentation! This will

  • cut down your fermentation time,

  • reduce the amount of pathogenic bacteria in your final product,

  • reduce the risk of bad molds ruining your hard work,

  • and produce a delicious and super powered probiotic ferment!

You can have fermented foods in just 24 hours, using a fermentation station, Avellana Vegan Cultures, and your vegetables.

It’s simple-

1. Cut up your vegetable (I chose beets and turnips for Valentine’s Day)

img_5516             img_5518



2. Put vegetables into a jar and fill with water. Put one scoop of Avellana Vegan Cultures and one tablespoon salt per quart of water/vegetable.


3. Put jar in your fermentation station at 80-100 degrees for 24-72 hours. Burp your jars every 12-24 hours.


4. Want to make a special Valentine’s Day treat? Cut your veggies into hearts and have a healthy Valentines Day!






Avellana Vegan Cultures

A super potent culturing mix for making dairy free yogurts and cheeses. (Cost includes shipping.)



A super potent culturing mix for making dairy free yogurts and cheeses. (Cost includes shipping TO CANADA)



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