How to peel hazelnuts

  • Soak the hazelnuts overnight (this sprouts the hazelnuts and makes for a creamier final product.)
  • Peel the hazelnuts by placing them in 6 cups of water and two tablespoons of baking soda, and bring them to a boil. If you cook them too high, they will boil over and make a big mess, so be careful.img_5346
  • When they start to slip out of their skins, take them off the heat and run them under cold water. Rub them between your hands to get as many skins off as possible. The reddish water might dye your hands (you can use this as a natural dye, if you are a dyer! It ends up a beautiful reddish brown). I usually float them in cool water and skim the peeled ones off the top. They don’t have to be perfect. If you leave too many skins on it will make your cheese pink and slightly bitter.

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