Drip station ideas

Here are a few ideas for separating the “no-whey” from the protein of cultured non-dairy things…I’m sure there are a million more ways to do this. I usually go with cheap and easy so I’ll start off there!

  1. Most people have a strainer and a pot and a cloth napkin. This works super well and you can pick it up and move it really easily. I think a colander would work too, though it might take longer to drip out because the holes in the colander are usually further apart.


2. Big hair band and a big cloth and a pot. This method works really well too, when the strainer is being used. This method is probably the fastest, with the least amount of blockage between the cloth and the curd. You can also scrape the sides down more easily with this method than the above because the cloth is tauter and doesn’t move.


3. Purchase a greek yogurt maker. I don’t use this device, so I can’t speak directly to it’s effectiveness, though it does seem convenient. For me, it’s another thing to store in a small kitchen space, so I prefer to use what I’ve got on hand, but to each her own!



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