New Flavor Release!

10968481_654538967985300_5291122902177713509_nWe’ve got a new amazing flavor for all of you to try. Introducing Avellana Pesto Hazelnut Cheese! Made with organic basil, garlic and lemon pepper- the flavors mix together to create a warm and fragrant cheese that will practically transport you to a European pub in the 1800’s. Avellana Hazelnut Pesto Cheese pairs perfectly with a glass of wine, ale, or strong hot tea. Find our new Pesto flavor online at and in our Eugene locations (Sundance Natural Foods and Capella Market). Need some Avellana cheese in your area? Let your store know you’d like our product there!

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Susana Romatz

I love details. Down to the most tiniest one. As a matter of fact, those are my favorite kind...

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